Massage in Redland

Bristol Massage Company operates 7 days a week from a professional, quiet location near Redland.

We offer a wide range of therapies from hot stones, bamboo and deep tissue massage, through to pregnancy or sports massage treatments.

We have Over twenty-five 5* Google reviews that reflect the passion poured into every treatment given.

For massage in Redland, please get in touch.

massage in Redland

Sports Massage in Redland

Bristol Massage Company offer sports massage in Redland often treating running injuries and other problems caused by playing sport.

Sports massage simply means focusing purely on an area of the body that is causing discomfort and applying whatever techniques will give the best results for you.

During these treatments we test for overactive or under active muscles, assess impact on joint range of movement. With a 90 minute session, we also perform a postural assessment.

Our treatments can incorporate:

  • Joint & muscle assessment
  • Remedying muscle & tendon injuries
  • Increasing range of movement
  • Pre/post-event massage & stability taping
  • Postural assessment and advice for self-help

Relaxing Massage near Redland

We offer a range of relaxing massage near Redland including hot stone massage, bamboo massage and a variety of other relaxing treatments.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more or use our online booking system to make a booking.

Bamboo & Hot Stone Massage

These treatments are excellent at relieving muscle tension whilst at the same time offering a massage that will leave you reinvigorated and utterly relaxed.

1 hour treatment £50

90 minute treatment £70

Relaxation Treatments

Life can get really busy and stressful and leave us feeling in need of some TLC. If you just want an hour of ‘me time’ away from your usual world I can give you a treatment to relieve tension, help with emotional stress or simply provide complete relaxation.

60 minute treatment £45

90 minute treatment £65

Office Massage

Office based massage is a great benefit for employees and can be offered to companies of any size in and around Redland.

A wide variety of massage treatments can be offered, including hands/arms, back/shoulders, neck/shoulders or legs and all treatments would be done in any private room you have available at your offices.

If your business would like to treat its employees to office massage, please get in touch.

Our Latest Google Reviews

Lucy Humpheryes
Lucy Humpheryes
20. September, 2022.
Had the most relaxing full body relaxation massage after a long week at work. The pressure and technique was perfect. I felt very comfortable and peaceful at all times. Would definitely recommend and will be coming back very soon!
Aliki S
Aliki S
28. August, 2022.
Very happy with the massage Andrew gave me. I had a lot of pain in the shoulder and neck area and felt 100% better after the one session. Highly recommended and will certainly go again !
Sophie Lynn
Sophie Lynn
20. July, 2022.
First time at this great little place in the heart of Clifton. Very relaxing environment, Andrew was extremely professional and provided a great relaxing massage that was very tailored to the client. I would highly recommend this service. Thank you!
Ruth Pérez
Ruth Pérez
13. July, 2022.
Leaving a 1 min read review won’t do justice to a lasting result to my body. I am at owe at how amazing the customer service has been since the get go. From the very start I was guided by a super amazing and friendly staff! They made sure I got to the place correctly and were waiting for me at the door. Truly excellence in attending people. They also took in consideration how hot the weather was and gave me a sneak peek of how the massage was going to be which help me prepare for the session. You can sense the experience of Andrew as he has dealt with sports people. The ambience was next level as the music was relaxing, the decoration was comforting and the environment just got you really relaxed. I would have stayed all day! Truly impressed and happy about this experience! Please visit visit and visit. You won’t regret it and your body will thank you later.
Amy Verhoven
Amy Verhoven
13. April, 2022.
Such a lovely experience with Andrew! Felt very comfortable and relaxed.Would definitely recommend to a friend.
Hannah May
Hannah May
19. February, 2022.
Really good massage, very reasonable price and high quality service that was attentive and personalised to what I wanted, including more of a 'sports massage' along with relaxation. Very nice room too and heated cover on the massage table was appreciated given the horrible weather!
Megan Turner
Megan Turner
13. February, 2022.
I had my first massage yesterday with Andrew and it was such a relaxing experience. He responded to all of my annoying messages really quickly before my appointment and put me at complete ease during the massage; checking in with me and tailoring the massage to issues I pointed out at the beginning. I slept so well that night, felt relaxed all weekend and couldn’t recommend him enough. Will definitely be returning after my skiing holiday, Thank you so much!
7. February, 2022.
Andrew gave my massage and I couldn't recommend him more. He went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable. I have had a lot of massages due to long term back issues and this has been the best. Thank you

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